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Vindicating your own path

Swedish hip hop artist NRE releases “Cobain”, a personal song about his struggles and inner strength to overcome them. With a melodic guitar beat and a reflective atmosphere, the track reminds of the style of artists like Machine Gun Kelly and NF.

Inspired by the artist’s personal experiences and his battles with mental health issues, “Cobain” conveys one of the artist’s personal reflections, as he relays, “To not let anyone else’s thoughts/views of you affect your goals or dreams, do you and f*ck whoever doesn’t like it”.

Resuming the artist’s sincere and spontaneous approach to his music, “Cobain” reveals NRE’s inner dialogue and an introspective look back upon his life, leading to a personal motto, “Don’t expect too much out of others, people and life change”.

Recorded in March 2022 in the Stigbergsstudio, the song features Swedish singer Hanna Pettersson.

NRE released his debut single “Negative Thoughts” in 2020, followed by the release of “The One” and a new version of the track in 2022. The rapper got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021, he’s now preparing for the new release of “Cobain” on January 27nd.

Artwork: Nicklas Eriksson

Photo: Taihyun Kyeong