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A Layered Mind

A Layered Mind

Unfound Reliance’s debut EP “A Layered Mind” constitutes the culmination of the Swedish band’s collaboration with Peter Iwers (ex In Flames, Chyra). Recorded in the metalhead city of Gothenburg, the compilation is a balanced mix of references to the roots of melodic death metal, sing-along melodies and top-notch Swedish production.

The central theme of “A Layered Mind” is existential delusion, which can only be acknowledged through a crude examination of the mind’s deepest layers. At the same time, the introspective exploration is violently confronted with pungent social critique.

“We spend time dreaming about our future as something we want to be, do, or experience.”, frontman Andrew Johansson explains. “And we think we can achieve that by working hard, when the truth is that only a few people ever get to reach that goal or dream”, he continues.

The musical manifestation of these ideas in a track like “Hellbound” evokes associations to Killswitch Engage in their Arms of Sorrow days. Other songs provide a healthy doze of face-contorting solos, sometimes even with a stadium sing-along vibe, as is the case of “Horizons.”

There’s an artistic integrity in “A Layered Mind” that reflects Unfound Reliance’s philosophy: The music should give the listener a sense of inclusion, an energetic welcome to their legion. In this sense, the appearance of metalcore-ish riffs and death metal growls in an otherwise vastly melodic album is perfectly coherent.

Unfound Reliance started as a hard rock cover band in 2013 in their native Karlstad. The release of their single “End Time” in 2017 got them the top position on Swedish national radio station P3’s program for upcoming acts.

Their 2018 breakthrough single “Cowards and Heroes” obtained great reception in Europe and USA, as well as media attention in Latin America. “A Layered Mind” will be available on April 26th, soon before the band’s performance as a supporting act for In Flames in Minsk.

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