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Kristina Issa

Pop sounds of exile, departures, and longing are stitched together in Kristina Issa's pop project. The Swedish/Syrian artist and her band have brought their mix of jazz and folk influences to stages across Europe. Eloquent synthesizers, bouncy drums and saxophones, and even an occasional touch of rock bringing musicians like…
April 16, 2021

Christine Ekeberg

Norwegian pop artist Christine Ekeberg plays with dualism in both her sound and aesthetics. Sophisticated but always approachable, electropop but at times acoustic. A well-trained singer and pop songwriter that has spent a lot of her life on stage, Ekeberg’s vocal performance reminds of figures like Ella Henderson and Demi…
October 15, 2020


Behold the marvelous traveling show of Wolver, a Swedish trio of peculiar entertainers: The Protagonist (lead vocals and guitar), The Brawler (drums), and The Charmer (guitar). In a world parallel to ours where prophecies and magic still rule over human existence, their nomadic spectacle enlightens audiences with a sound that…
February 18, 2020

Bobby Blaque

Bobby Blaque was adopted from his homeland of Colombia at the age of three and raised in Luleå, Sweden. Experiencing the identity crisis that a lot of trans-racially adopted children do, he left Luleå shortly after high-school, heading straight for Stockholm. After years of trying to discover who he is,…
May 21, 2019

Shalisa Taylor

With her mellow, silky voice and a songwriting style based on introspective impressions rather than linear stories, Swedish singer/songwriter Shalisa Taylor brings a fresh approach to the vocal-based musical lineage known from artists like Norah Jones and Adele. Born to a musical family, Taylor’s characteristic voice and stage presence were…
September 11, 2018

Sanna Martinez

Swedish artist and songwriter Sanna Martinez crafts powerful soul-influenced dance-pop anthems that evoke a soft edginess reminiscent of Halsey or Alessia Cara. While she also draws inspiration from Scandinavian pop figures like Zara Larsson, Sanna throws in a bit of spunky playfulness into the mix. Her blend of soul’s vocal…
August 15, 2018

Ernest Noah

Swedish artist Ernest Noah embodies the very real distinction between a mere singer and a full-on performer. Having a good voice is one thing, but being able to actually treat listeners to a liberating experience as you perform on stage is another. Bringing retro back while maintaining a sophisticated pop…
June 12, 2018

King of Little Sweden

In the snowy wonderland of Verbier, Switzerland, a very artistic family and their friends started recording music together as King of Little Sweden in the spring of 2014. The Scandipop collective evokes an intersection between the cozy vocals of ELIO and electronic influences from Swedish acts like Romano. The project…
May 18, 2018