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“You Are Insane” – The Power of Breaking Free 

Dinah Is’ New Song About Letting Go Of Toxic People 

Norwegian/Egyptian indie pop artist Dinah Is is set to release her new single “You Are Insane” on February 9th. Echoing the sound of artists like Two Another, Tom Misch, and Augustine, the song’s funky disco sound is bound to captivate listeners with its groovy bassline and empowering lyrics.

Inspired by Dinah’s personal experiences, the song reflects on the liberating effect of cutting off toxic people from your life. Reflecting on the lyrics, Dinah relays, “You realize that the time has come to be true to yourself, build yourself up and not care what anyone thinks of you.” 

The song’s upbeat disco vibe is a fresh approach for Dinah, while also staying true to the uplifting style she has created so far. “You Are Insane” was written by Dinah Is and co-produced by her and Jack Holmes, who also mixed the track. The track was also mastered by Nico Koufakis.

Dinah has created a sound that mirrors her positive outlook on life. Infusing indie pop with jazz and hip-hop influences, her songs reflect the wisdom of a soul who has learned not to take life too seriously.

Dinah Is signed with Rexius Records in 2023, looking to share more of her captivating music with the world. Don’t miss the release of “You Are Insane” on February 9th.

Artwork: Meinhass

Photo: Elias Edberg

Dinah Is