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Way Too Loud

Overcoming The Silence

Stockholm-based Syrian pop artist Leen returns with “Way Too Loud”, a heartfelt song about a toxic relationship and the strength to get over it. With a solid mix of sincere vocals and catchy synth sounds and melodies, the track reminds of the sound of artists like Dua Lipa.

Speaking on the inspiration for the track, Leen comments, “The idea came from the desire to write something about how women were not allowed to speak as loud as men”. This subject also connects to the singer’s upbringing, “Where I grew up people and the society were always criticizing women who had a loud voice including me, women who spoke for their rights”.

Initially inspired by Dua Lipa’s IDGAF, the topic of breakups was also complemented by an emphasis on women’s empowerment, something that has influenced many of Leen’s songs. “I wanted to write a song that says that we won’t be quiet, we won’t accept the harm because you told us to”. 

Recorded in the artist’s home studio in 2022, the song was produced by Olivia Lundberg, mixed by Andreas Johansson and mastered by Joe Vegna.

In 2020, Leen released her debut single “Refugee”. It was chosen as the official song of Sweden’s Refugee Committee. Parallel to this, she has performed at theaters like Pero, Regina, Arabiska Teater and the Boat People Project in Germany as well as the Michael Nyqvist Foundation Award. 

The Syrian pop artist signed with Rexius Records in the summer of 2021. She’s currently preparing for the release of “Way Too Loud” on August 19th.

Photo: Alaa Haziem