Varje Sekund

About Time

Swedish singer-songwriter An Echoic returns with “Varje Sekund”, a song about the complexities of human identity and its relationship with time. With an explorative rhythmic sound, the track reminds of Radiohead’s 15 Step. 

Speaking on the song’s meaning, the singer explains, “The song illuminates and asks questions about the peculiarities involved in the concept of time”. The subject is inspired by the artist’s introspection on his own life, “I’ve had a lot of strange experiences where I’ve attempted to struggle against time, sort of wanting time to stop and leave me alone”.

The track introduces a mixture of both English and Swedish lyrics which develop a deep variety of perspectives connected to the different sections of the song. In regards to this, the singer describes, “It’s kind of like a dialogue almost, where one voice can be seen as representing the fact of time passing (Swedish voice) and the other the desperation in trying to deal with it (English voice). Kind of sounds like a Bergman movie”

Beginning with a riff from longtime collaborator, producer Andrew Feels, the track was recorded in the singer’s home studio in Malmö with the help of the producer.

An Echoic’s self-titled debut EP was released in 2016 and shortly thereafter he signed to Rexius Records for his second EP: “Headless Heathen”. He’s currently preparing for the release of Varje Sekund on June 3rd.

An Echoic

An Echoic’s music is one of those rare gems that encourage you to push beyond your usual listening habits, subtly taking notice of its quirky quality. What started as a solo experiment in 2016 after dropping out of jazz school became a solid artistic project for Martin Kihlstedt, Swedish singer-songwriter based in Canada. His style can remind you of Andy Shauf combined with Tame Impala’s early psychedelics, with a tendency towards experimental songwriting that you’d rather associate with Radiohead.

Just like Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen or Elliot Smith, An Echoic is not afraid to sing tales about the rough edges of existence. He tackles tough topics with the clinical curiosity of a shaman-philosopher: “I’m always intrigued when I hear stories told by people that have been through unimaginable things. So I wanted to write a story like that.”

The fascination for subtle musical quirkiness developed through years of playing and improvising since his early days in Sweden. He continued to craft this particular style while studying jazz for 2 years in Toronto, where he played and performed with various jazz, funk and blues ensembles.

During this time he also built artistic collaborations with visual artists, producers etc. that gave birth to An Echoic as a fully-formed project. His idea was to create a reflection of himself, rather than just ”a character”, writing music that encourages you to become an active listener. This kind of engagement is very related to the different aspects of introspection (like meditation and a kind of spirituality devoid of religion), which is a central motive for his songs.

Martin released An Echoic’s self-titled debut EP in 2016 and shortly thereafter signed to Rexius Records for his second EP: “Headless Heathen”. A chamber of thoughts in the form of experimental songwriting (recording spoken word and sampling traditional folk instruments, for example) and unimaginable stories.

“Bad Weather” will be released via Rexius Records on January 28th, part of his new series of singles with similar aesthetics.