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Under Water

Under Water

With its dreamy, inescapably catchy melody and the soothing vocals depicting a story of complicated love, “Under Water” is the perfect tropical house soundtrack to a beach road trip. Featuring the velvety voice of Norwegian Christine Ekeberg, the song is Swedish DJ/producer LJUNG’s debut single.

Ever since he discovered EDM back in his teenage years, LJUNG has shown a predilection for “songs that make you dream away, find love and live in the moment”, as he explains. “Under Water” captures this feeling through its subtle tropical vibe and an acoustically-inspired arrangement.

But most of all, what makes you “stay in the now” is the song’s powerful melody, which seems to come from the depths of the ocean to never leave your ears. Impossible not to start humming it after the first listen!

It isn’t all sunlight and fun on the surface of ocean romance, though. As LJUNG points out: “The song is about difficult/though love, how it feels to be with someone that is hard to love. But even if it’s complicated, only this person makes you feel great and cheers you up when you have sunken into the depths. It makes you do fantastic things, like “breathing under water”.”

As a well-trained musician with the visual imagination of a photographer, LJUNG captures his roaming spirit in the form of solid songwriting and the top-notch production from the land of Avicii and Mike Perry. Possibly inspired by the absence of the sea in his native town, his constant wanderlust has taken him to distant corners of the Earth in search of musical and visual inspiration.

LJUNG’s longing for beauty on the other side of the horizon will reach the outer world as he releases “Under Water”, his debut single with Gothenburg-based Rexius Records, on October 12th 2018.

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October 12, 2018