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“Trail of Hearts” – A Love Triangle Gone Wrong

Fox Indigo’s Powerful New Single

Brooklyn-based indie folk-rock artist Fox Indigo is set to release her poignant new single “Trail of Hearts” on June 14th. Drawing inspiration from artists like Regina Spektor and Arcade Fire, this raw, powerful track delves into the turmoil of a fraught love triangle.

Rooted in the artist’s personal experiences, “Trail of Hearts” channels real-life emotions into music, presenting listeners with an intimate view of the tensions and challenges faced in navigating a love triangle marked by jealousy, betrayal, and unresolved longing.

Fox Indigo’s powerful vocal performance lays bare all her angst and frustration, making “Trail of Hearts” an emotionally charged experience. The song’s intricate lyrics, rich with metaphors and distinct imagery, tell a story that is bound to resonate with listeners.

“Trail of Hearts” was written and produced by Fox Indigo at Brooklyn College, where she recently earned her Master’s in Composition. The song was mixed by Nathan Diesendruck and mastered by Joel Gardella. The track’s instrumental parts were brought to life through the collaboration of talented music students from the New School.

Fox Indigo, a talented songwriter based in New York, taps into a broad spectrum of musical influences to portray the depths of her emotions and the vibrant energy of her city, finding hope and beauty even in the darkest of experiences.

Having signed with Rexius Records in 2022 after releasing her debut album “Man on the Moon”—which she wrote, recorded, performed, engineered, and mixed during the pandemic—Fox Indigo continues finding new avenues to share her creative voice. Don’t miss the release of “Trail of Hearts” on June 14th.

Artwork & photo: Jess Banegas

Fox Indigo