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Somebody To Love

Embracing Vulnerability and Finding Strength in Love

Discover the Swedish Singer-Songwriter’s Captivating New Single

Swedish singer-songwriter Elias Macy is set to captivate listeners with his highly anticipated new single, “Somebody To Love.” Inspired by his personal experiences, Elias’ heartfelt lyrics and engaging melodies will resonate with those who have faced emotional struggles while searching for love.

The song seamlessly blends pop and rock influences, reminiscent of the soulful sound of Kings of Leon and Imagine Dragons, showcasing Elias’ ability to create music that speaks directly to the soul.

Written and produced by Elias Macy, “Somebody To Love” is a testament to his artistic vision and talent. Collaborating with mixing and mastering engineer Max Honsinger, Elias has crafted a powerful track that features profound lyrics and an infectious chorus.

The song delves into the journey of someone who has been hurt and trapped in darkness for too long. It offers a heartfelt exploration of the fear of taking chances, the longing for love, and the importance of self-acceptance. As Elias eloquently puts it, “When it feels safe in the shadows, it’s hard to take a step into the light.”

Having signed with Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2018, Elias’ passion for music has fueled his continuous growth as an artist. After a brief hiatus to further develop his craft, he made a triumphant return in 2022 with the singles “Happy I Met You” and “Your Love.”

Mark your calendars for June 16th, as Elias Macy unveils his captivating new single “Somebody To Love.”

Artwork: Elias Macy

Photo: Elias Macy

Elias Macy