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So Low Solo

So Low Solo

With her new dance pop tune “So Low Solo”, Swedish artist and songwriter Sanna Martinez reminds us that even during the deepest of heartbreaks, some people just have a remarkable ability to see a humorous side to things.

The bouncy bass and bubbly beat that accompany Sanna’s voice add to the song’s overall tongue-in-cheek vibe, evoking a liberating tone you could associate with Ariana Grande’s post-breakup anthems. However, the vocal performance on “So Low Solo” is more related to the fresh elegance behind modern soul or R&B.

The lyrics tone down the heartbreak atmosphere as well. At first narrating how you can get reminded of your ex by every little mundane thing you did together (like watching shows or ordering food), the song later starts taking a playful distance from an otherwise depressing situation.

This is no “damsel in distress” music. There is a determined, autonomous attitude to Sanna’s lyrics and vocal presence that would work perfectly on an everyday warrior’s heartbreak survival playlist. The song was co-written by Sanna herself, later recorded and produced in 2018 by a team of producers from all across Sweden.

Sanna is not unfamiliar with stage domination, either: She’s been performing for Swedish media ever since her debut at the age of 10 at the nation-wide contests Lilla Melodifestivalen and MGP Nordic. A continuous drive to conquer audiences has taken her to Swedish radio (P4 Nästa, P3 Osignat) and even the Polish preselection of Eurovision as a backing vocalist for Isabel Otrebus. She’s also an active songwriter, currently creating songs for other artists.

After getting signed to Rexius Records in 2017, Sanna Martinez is now preparing for the release of “So low Solo”, a bouncy heartbreak song with a bit of light-hearted humor. The song will be available as a digital single this fall.

Heartbreak Rumminations with a Light-Hearted Touch

September 7, 2018