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“Remedy” – A Guiding Light

Ryan Mark Elliott’s Uplifting New Song

Welsh progressive rock artist Ryan Mark Elliott is set to release his latest single, “Remedy,” on April 5th. Bridging new wave and progressive rock influences, the song echoes the styles of bands like Tears For Fears and Rush.

With its mesmerizing riff and uplifting lyrics, “Remedy” offers encouragement to those navigating life’s challenges. It speaks of the joy of accomplishing a major milestone after facing all kinds of difficulties and the beauty of succeeding despite them.

Speaking about the song’s lyrics, Ryan relays, “I wrote the song in recognition of getting through those difficult periods and finding yourself in a stronger place when you get to the other side.” As it praises the values of patience and perseverance, the song vindicates hard work and dedication, “Anything worth doing is never easy, it always has challenges,” Ryan remarks.

“Remedy” was written and mixed by Ryan Mark Elliott, who co-produced it along with Andrew Bishop at the Giant Wafer Studios. It was also mastered by Tony Cousins at the Metropolis Studios. The release features the collaboration of musicians Aled Lloyd on drums and Dan Nelson on bass, who contributed their creative insight and unique energy, as well as the work of illustrator Darlee Urbiztondo, who designed the single’s vibrant cover.

Ryan Mark Elliott is an artist who has found an elegant balance between technical dexterity and profound expressiveness in his music. As a professionally trained musician and educator, he has directed his talent and skills toward the musical expression of his values and the depth of his spirit.

Ryan released his debut album “Between a Disillusion and Resolution” in 2020, followed by various singles and the EP “Head Above Water” in 2022. In 2023, he signed with Rexius Records, looking to share more of his artistic vision with the world.

Don’t miss the release of “Remedy” on April 5th, a powerful guiding light for those struggling to keep going.

Artwork: Darlee Urbiztondo

Photo: Bethan Miller

Ryan Mark Elliott