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Överste Hathi launches “Tagning 33”

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – The Swedish indie soul band Överste Hathi, known for their unique ability to interweave introspective lyrics with vibrant melodies, is proud to present their latest musical creation, “Tagning 33”. Scheduled for release on May 17, the single represents a new era of musical exploration for the band, aiming to evoke feelings of joy, belonging, and authenticity in their listeners.

With a love for genres such as Pop Soul, Funk, and Neo-Soul, “Tagning 33” invites the listener to an experience filled with soulful rhythms and genuine musical stories. The song is a tribute to the shifting colors of life, offering a journey that promises both uplifting and thought-provoking moments.

Like bands such as Dina Ögon, Amason, and Bo Kaspers Orkester, Överste Hathi combines modern lyrics with timeless melodies to create music that speaks directly to the soul. Through their latest work, they continue to explore the magical synergies in their musical minds.

Överste Hathi, consisting of Hugo Palm, Victor Gardner, Oliver Fransson, and Freddie Meurk, has since their start in 2017 enchanted their fans with a mix of musical brilliance and emotional honesty. Their goal is to create a world where listeners can feel understood, inspired, and part of a larger community.

Artwork: Lisa Lingon

Photo: John-Paul Bichard

Överste Hathi