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A Personal Journey Through Loss

Swedish alternative rock band One For The Many is set to release their newest single, “Okay,” on June 16th. The song deals with the topic of loss, specifically the loss of a loved one.

Kevin Klasson, one of the band’s members, explains that the song was inspired by the death of his mother. “It’s a song about a loss so great you don’t know how to go on with life,” he said. “Knowing life will never be the same. To never have the soft touch of your mother’s hand and her sweet words saying ‘it will be okay.’”

With a sound that has drawn comparisons to Badflower, Three Days Grace, and Foo Fighters, “Okay” shows a deeply personal side of One For The Many. “In the depth of loss, I needed to get all my thoughts and feelings out, and for me, that happened through music,” Klasson said.

Formed in 2019, One For The Many is composed of Kevin Klasson and Joel Melin. The duo worked together remotely for two years until they found their sound. As a band, they aim to create a unique blend of melody, experimentation, and powerful vocals that explore existential themes pertaining to humanity, politics, and the deep journey of life.

After releasing various singles independently, they signed with Gothenburg-based Rexius Records in 2021. With a rebellious spirit and strong political values, the band aims to write music for the masses and tell the truth as they see it. “Okay” is their latest release with the label, and they are excited to share it with their fans on June 16th.

Artwork by: Christian Forsgren

Photo by: Emmie Fransson & Fah Bergdahl

One For The Many