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Reflections on the possible catastrophe

Swedish pop artist Per-Albin returns with “M-andetag”, a reflective song about the environmental crisis of our planet. With an expressive mixture of synths and guitar that reminds of the sound of Zara Larsson’s “Ruin My Life”, the lyrics are bound to make you think.

Regarding the song’s topic, described by the artist as “The End of the Earth”, a specific inspiration is mentioned, “What inspired me to write the song was a documentary on Netflix called Seaspiracy“.

The difficult situation of the planet leaves little room for hope, something the artist understands, although he still bears in mind the possibility of “An awakening and hope while fearing that all may already be lost”.

Musically oriented from an early age, Per-Albin’s special connection to music gave him the motivation to carry on over the years. “The passion for music kind of forced me not to give up.” “So much of my music is (simply described) about the difficulties of getting through life and everyday life.” 

In 2021 the artist got signed to Gothenburg-based Rexius Records. He’s currently preparing for the release of “M-andetag” on August 19th.

Photo: Sepehr Nosrati