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Let It Be

Let It Be

As his debut release with Rexius Records, Ernest Noah’s “Let It Be” doesn’t hold back on the George Michael retro vibe, while still managing to remind you of the post-teen pop vocals of Shawn Mendes or Charlie Puth. Noah’s hommage to the golden age of neon colors gives a nearly visual feel to the music: You can almost picture a video with shiny smiles, steamy backgrounds and puffy hair. But we say “almost” because in spite of the retro-groove, the top-notch Swedish production brings you right back to today’s pop.

“Let It Be” is a faithful representative of Ernest Noah’s stage personality, embracing a bit of sensual androgyny through the vocal performance, with a bit of a flair for the dramatic on both the lyrics and the occasional falsetto.

The message rings true, though: Don’t let a great relationship get destroyed by jealousy. Ernest Noah explains it himself: “I had already found the woman of my dreams. Everything we created together was simply wonderful but seemingly out of nowhere arose these feelings of jealousy between us. “Let It Be” was written in a kind of frustrated state of mind, but at the same time it’s a triumphant song. It’s me saying: “I know this is hard for both of us right now but there’s just no way I’m gonna let it ruin what we have”. And it never did.”

The song is the result Noah’s creative experiences through his years as a songwriter and live performer. There’s an undeniable groove on the bass or mallets that gives you that exotic 80s club feel present in everywhere from “Africa” to “Billie Jean”. There are also subtle background melodies on the synths that you could build a synth pop song from. But the vocals, just like those of the 80s icons he draws inspiration from, feel incredibly timeless.

“Let It Be” will be released as a digital single on all platforms on June the 29th, 2018.

Modern Jealousy with a Decidedly 80s-Groove

June 29, 2018