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Know You Better

Know You Better

Swedish indie rock band Little Birds’ new single, “Know You Better” feels like an automatic “say it with a song” anthem: A heart-to-heart declaration with influences from early 2000s bands like The Strokes, The Wombats or The Vaccines. But far from the stadium vibes these acts might’ve evoked at some point, “Know You Better” represents an emotional craftsmanship that is more suited to the modern indie rock scene, where the intimate connection with the listener has become a protagonist again.

Little Birds present us with a warm acknowledgment of everyday love, with its sunny intro and very honest, genuine lyrics. It’s a song you could dedicate to a lover you go on pizza dates with, without much pretension or drama. The proposition is simple, but really powerful, encapsulating those things you don’t usually have an easy time saying without a bit of embarrassment: You want to get closer, know who they are on a deeper level.

“Know You Better” is definitely your cup of tea if you were feeling nostalgic about guitar solos and heartwarming riffs. Combine them with the distinct scent of Britrock with a Swedish twist in the voice of Julius Marstorp, and you got the perfect recipe for this summer’s indie rock soundtrack.

Although this is the band’s debut with Gothenburg-based indie label Rexius Records, Little Birds’ path started in 2016 after several lineup experiments at school in Värmland. The band is slowly becoming a household name in the Swedish indie scene through their active presence on festivals and clubs, but their sound has the power to transcend local frontiers, just like The Hives did in their day.

Definitely a song to check out if you want to know what European indie rock is up to nowadays, “Know You Better” will be available as a digital single on August the 3rd.

Heartfelt Confessions with a Britrock Vibe

August 3, 2018