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“Follow Me” – Reflections On a Shared Journey

Markus Fagerlund’s New Nostalgic Anthem

Swedish singer-songwriter Markus Fagerlund is set to release his heartfelt new release “Follow Me” on May 10th. With a sound reminiscent of the magic of classic Britpop bands like Oasis and The Verve, the song’s nostalgic lyrics are bound to connect with listeners.

Inspired by Markus’s life experiences with his wife, “Follow Me” invites listeners to their journey. A true anthem of companionship and support, it reminds us of the importance of having someone in your life who can hold your hand through all ups and downs.

Co-written with lifelong friend and multi-instrumentalist Istvan Stenberg, “Follow Me” was produced by Leif Isberg and mixed/mastered by Petter Lithvall. Originally written 20 years ago when Markus met his wife, the song’s lyrics were recently updated to reflect their journey together. The track’s initial recording took place in a nineteenth-century Swedish mansion, with further production and final touches completed at E.M.B Productions and Lithwall Music Studio.

Drawing influence from icons like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, Markus Fagerlund’s music melds rock, indie pop, and Americana into a unique sound that evokes both nostalgia and freshness. His songs, marked by sincere lyrics and captivating melodies, explore intimate aspects of his life.

After teaming up with Rexius Records in 2023, Markus Fagerlund embarked on a new chapter of his musical odyssey. Don’t miss the release of “Follow Me” on May 10th, a poignant musical experience that is bound to remind you of the importance of strong, lifelong bonds.

Artwork: Simon Renström

Photo: Ola Norrman / Studio Gustav AB (Instagam, LinkedIn)

Markus Fagerlund