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“Everything We’re Dreaming” – On The Power of Resilience

Lekai’s Uplifting New Single

Spanish EDM artist Lekai is set to release his new single “Everything We’re Dreaming” on April 26th. Inspired by the sound of artists like Alesso, Martin Garrix, and DubVision, this uplifting track is bound to captivate the hearts of relentless dreamers and fans of EDM alike.

“Everything We’re Dreaming” speaks of the power of resilience and hope. With its infectious drop and captivating melodies, the song is a testament to the immense beauty of chasing our dreams, and the importance of not giving up.

Written, mixed, and mastered by Lekai, “Everything We’re Dreaming” features the vocal performance of TINO, who co-wrote the song’s lyrics. The track resonates with Lekai’s infectious love for music and his long-lasting dream of sharing his passion and artistry with the world.

Lekai infuses his music with a profound sense of freedom, his songs find a way to capture the feeling of an epic adventure, inviting you on a musical journey to witness the power of hope and the boundless perseverance of the human spirit.

In 2023, Lekai teamed up with Rexius Records, ready to inspire others with the power of his unique sonic palette. Let yourself be captivated by the electrifying sound of “Everything We’re Dreaming” on April 26th.

Artwork: Simon Renström

Photo: Diegro Bracci