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Leave Toxicity Behind

Swedish pop artist EVE returns with “Better”, a dance pop song about leaving a toxic friendship. Her most pop-sounding single so far is inspired by icons like SIA and Mollly Sandén, written in collaboration with Sanna Martinez and Sebastian Ekstrand. 

“I had a friendship that fell apart,” EVE tells us. “I chose to leave my best friend because she only brought negativity to my life.”

Rather than a sense of grief, the upbeat sound of “Better” transmits self-reliance and liberation. “Leaving that friendship was among the best things I‘ve done,” EVE explains. “When a person robs you of so much energy, you’re better off on your own.”

Recorded at producer Peter Lithvall’s studio in Gothenburg, “Better” was written in collaboration with Swedish hit-maker Sanna Martinez. She’s known for TV placements like Love Island USA and has a booming artist career after graduating from Musikmakarna. 

Producer Sebastian Ekstrand is behind the core arrangements and post-production. His music has become well-known as the soundtrack for YouTube anime videos. 

EVE has moved from an acoustic singer/songwriter style to the current combination of pop and R&B that feels right to her. She signed with Rexius Records 2017 and is preparing for the release of “Better on February 25th.