Leave Toxicity Behind

Swedish pop artist EVE returns with “Better”, a dance pop song about leaving a toxic friendship. Her most pop-sounding single so far is inspired by icons like SIA and Mollly Sandén, written in collaboration with Sanna Martinez and Sebastian Ekstrand. 

“I had a friendship that fell apart,” EVE tells us. “I chose to leave my best friend because she only brought negativity to my life.”

Rather than a sense of grief, the upbeat sound of “Better” transmits self-reliance and liberation. “Leaving that friendship was among the best things I‘ve done,” EVE explains. “When a person robs you of so much energy, you’re better off on your own.”

Recorded at producer Peter Lithvall’s studio in Gothenburg, “Better” was written in collaboration with Swedish hit-maker Sanna Martinez. She’s known for TV placements like Love Island USA and has a booming artist career after graduating from Musikmakarna. 

Producer Sebastian Ekstrand is behind the core arrangements and post-production. His music has become well-known as the soundtrack for YouTube anime videos. 

EVE has moved from an acoustic singer/songwriter style to the current combination of pop and R&B that feels right to her. She signed with Rexius Records 2017 and is preparing for the release of “Better on February 25th.


Swedish pop artist EVE compels young women to stand up for themselves through a powerful vocal performance that evokes associations to SIA and hints of Adele. But the Swedish approach to production and songwriting bears a closer resemblance to performers like Molly Sandén.

EVE might’ve grown up in a small town, but she was surrounded by big ideas from the start. In a society where strong female role models like Therese Lindgren or Linnéa Claeson have been getting considerable visibility, EVE knows there’s a social responsibility to being an artist.

“The only thing I regret from my high school days is that I didn’t put a group of guys in their place.”, she explains. “They didn’t show any consideration for people surrounding them, especially not for women.”

As is common in Swedish musical education, EVE started singing and playing the guitar from an early age. “But I got more serious during middle school”, she tells us. EVE has moved from an acoustic singer/songwriter style to the current combination of pop and R&B that feels right to her.

EVE signed with Rexius Records 2017. Her upcoming single “Better” encourages you to put yourself first if you’re in a relationship that isn’t doing you any good.