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Bad From The Start

Bad From The Start

It all started with a screaming child at a baptism in 1998 – with a joke about her future as an opera singer. With a divergent child who hanged around with her teachers or rather just strolled over the school yard singing by herself. A shy girl who took refuge in the collective of the school choir, classically drilled but with dreams about something totally different. ”I couldn’t even sing to my mom”, Beatrice tells us. ”All I ever needed was someone who told me I didn’t have to fear it.”

And Beatrice got this as she started seeing a song coach who supported her long hidden dream about becoming a solo artist to finally surface.

The great step out of timidity into debut single and EP, Beatrice confirms is a vital part of her personal development – the ultimate proof to herself of what she can achieve. The main message? Independence. ”People have been taking advantage of me my entire life. If people had a status I’ve always been ranked lowest but with these tracks, I really want to say: ”Look at me now, this is my pay-back!”

As a child Beatrice experienced the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, an event that she admits has influenced her attitude towards life and the relationship to herself:

”Today I’m a young woman with a lot of authority who cannot be silenced. I’m enjoying every second of life because I’ve realized how easy it can be taken away from you. I want to stand up for every woman, girl, and person who have ever felt reduced by social norms. I want to be a role model to those who’ve been silenced or don’t feel like they have a voice. I believe that everyone has the strength to do what they want, the right to be who they want and that everyone can find the power and pride of being themselves!”

Beatrice’s debut single Bad From The Start is due to be released Jan 27th, 2017 on our most common music services. The single is followed by an EP: four tracks balancing on the borders of confidence and integrity.

Beatrice Markus debut single Bad From The Start i due to be released Jan 27th, 2017. A track balancing on the border of confidence and integrity.

January 27, 2017