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Aretha Franklin

Love on a Parisian Rooftop

Swedish pop artist Marcus Lindeberg presents us with “Aretha Franklin”, an upbeat memory of a summer in Paris. The song’s bouncy melody and mid-tempo pop sound bring Maroon 5 to mind. Produced by Jonathan Thorpenberg, also known as The Unguided’s frontman.  

“This is a song about one night in Paris when my best friend and I visited a friend and her twin sister”, Lindeberg explains. “We sat on a rooftop all night, drank wine, smoked cigarettes, and sang to old classics such as Aretha Franklin.”

The London-based singer-songwriter used a melody he had previously come up with, humming while watching pictures of a trip. “I saw a photo of the rooftop that we sat upon for days on end”, he continues. “I remembered how it was always hot and that ‘He and she’ had a fling.”

This will be Lindeberg’s eighth song release since his first one in 2017. Two of his singles have been featured on Swedish radio station P3 Jönköping: “Bring Us Two Together” and “Broken”. 

“Aretha Franklin” will be released under Gothenburg-based label Rexius Records later this year. 

🎨 Tanja Berkö

📷 Elliot Reer

Marcus Lindeberg