Aretha Franklin

Love on a Parisian Rooftop

Swedish pop artist Marcus Lindeberg presents us with “Aretha Franklin”, an upbeat memory of a summer in Paris. The song’s bouncy melody and mid-tempo pop sound bring Maroon 5 to mind. Produced by Jonathan Thorpenberg, also known as The Unguided’s frontman.  

“This is a song about one night in Paris when my best friend and I visited a friend and her twin sister”, Lindeberg explains. “We sat on a rooftop all night, drank wine, smoked cigarettes, and sang to old classics such as Aretha Franklin.”

The London-based singer-songwriter used a melody he had previously come up with, humming while watching pictures of a trip. “I saw a photo of the rooftop that we sat upon for days on end”, he continues. “I remembered how it was always hot and that ‘He and she’ had a fling.”

This will be Lindeberg’s eighth song release since his first one in 2017. Two of his singles have been featured on Swedish radio station P3 Jönköping: “Bring Us Two Together” and “Broken”. 

“Aretha Franklin” will be released under Gothenburg-based label Rexius Records later this year. 

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📷 Elliot Reer

Marcus Lindeberg

London-based pop artist Marcus Lindeberg has a bit of an outsider soul. Starting with music at a later age than usual, his upbeat sound draws inspiration from figures like Ed Sheeran and Maroon 5. But his musical roots are also connected to house music and gospel. The Swedish producer and singer-songwriter attended BIMM Institute (with alumni like George Ezra).

Born in 1993, Lindeberg has been living in the UK since 2014. “I did take guitar lessons in my earlier years, but never got hooked on it.”, he explains. When house music became popular, he got a DAW and started experimenting with it.

During that year, he also saw “The Jersey Boys” in New York, a musical that inspired him to start his career. He finally moved to London to study music production at 21.

“Lyrics are very important to me – I want to write about what I know.”, he tells us. His lyrics focus on romance, but also honest topics like existential issues and conflicts in relationships.

Marcus Lindeberg has released seven songs since 2017. His singles “Bring Us Two Together” and “Broken” were featured on Swedish local station P3 Jönköping.

He got signed to Rexius Records in 2020 and is now preparing for the release of his single “Aretha Franklin”.

📷 Elliot Reer