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After almost eight months of productions and over 15 000 plays on the lead single “Last Train”, the up and coming Swedes release their album “Anyhow”. With a total play time of 43 minutes, the unconventional group takes us on a journey through the rocky relationships and rockstar aspirations of a teenage musician.

Staying true to the soundscape previously portrayed, the group gives alternative rock a new flair with unconventional instruments and concepts. With the addictive drum beats of pop music and bouncy basslines of funk and jazz with alternative core, the old school take on the indie rock concepts of today should appeal to any fan of artists such as The Killers, The Strokes or Catfish and the Bottlemen.

You’ve got a dream of something new something bigger
You’ve got a dream of a life next to the sun
But you’ve just begun


The Swedish Indie Rock band releases their highly anticipated debut "ANYHOW".

June 8, 2017