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A Natural Retaliation

A Natural Retaliation

The album “A Natural Retaliation” by As They Arrive (progressive metalcore, Sweden) portrays a surreal set of reflections merging humanity’s omens of extinction and nostalgia for a lost paradise. ATA’s eclectic sound reminiscent of Veil of Maya, Betraying the Martyrs and certain off-metal references has attracted the attention of Spotify Editors (Nu Jävlar!) and Scandinavian curators such as New Nordic Indie.

With origins that can be traced back to a forest cabin studio outside of Gothenburg, the work was subsequently produced, arranged, mixed and engineered by Zimon Holberg (Beardy Men Records). The final touch was provided by the mastering of the legendary Studio Fredman.
The lyrics might feel like abstract reflections inspired by unconscious despair (especially in tracks like “Megalomania” or “The Experiment”). But in the band’s own words, “All the music and lyrics have a deep meaning to each other, and there’s a connection to the songs that makes it feel like reading a book. Basically, the whole album is a story about how humans will cease to exist by their own destructive nature.”

These omens of humanity’s downfall are depicted by djenty guitar passages, exotic scales, and rhythmic complexity. The final track “Exoexit” is probably the most progressive, while “Creating Antagonists” is the perfect soundtrack for a bone-crushing workout.

As They Arrive started as a teenager cover band in Gothenburg. Founded by Robin Johnsson (guitar and clean vocals) and Philip Eerola (bass), they got signed to Rexius Records in 2013, becoming one of the label’s earliest acts.

“Times”, their first single with the label, was released in 2014, followed by the EP “Hope For Silence” later that year. They’ve been working on establishing themselves as a local act in their native city and aim at expanding horizons across Sweden. “A Natural Retaliation” will be available on the 31st of January.

📷 Rebecka Bogren, ed. by Tanja Berkö

a natural retaliation cover artwork rebecka bogren ed Tanja Berkö

Surreal Harbingers of Apocalypse

January 31, 2019