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Revenge at All Costs cover art by Sean Mundy

Revenge at All Costs

The third studio album of Iranian metal band Confess is their first long-play released in freedom after political persecution and exile. “Revenge at All Costs” is a crude story of oppression and catharsis, but above all, the determination to prevail. Eleven tracks introducing us to the band’s recent sonic experiments,…
November 9, 2021
Confess - Iranian Band


Iranian groove metal/hardcore band Confess describe themselves as a “five-piece street protest”. It's not a figure of speech: Nikan Khosravi (vocals/guitar) and Arash Ilkhani (DJ / Sampler) have experienced political persecution first-hand. The band's upcoming album “Revenge at All Costs” is a cry of outrage in the form of chunky…
July 30, 2021