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Rexius Records

Stockholm, Sweden



Indra – Emerging From the Cocoon
A New Intimate Voice in Swedish Indie Pop
Indra is a Swedish indie pop artist who creates deeply personal music enriched by a vast set of musical influences. Echoing the styles of artists like AURORA and Regina Spektor, her songs are the fruit of a profound process of self-discovery and healing.

Raised in a household filled with music and instruments, Indra was thrust into a musical education from a young age. This early immersion laid the foundation for her diverse influences, from jazz, gospel, and baroque to classical rock and Norse folk music.

After a period of struggle and disconnection from performing, Indra rediscovered her love for music, which became an essential part of her healing process. This journey led to the discovery of her true voice as an artist, confiding unspoken thoughts and feelings while channeling the most intimate parts of her soul into her songs.

Through this metamorphosis, a deeper connection to her craft emerged, transcending the expectations and conditions of her early years. Embracing this evolution, Indra infuses each note and lyric with her heart and soul, intuitively weaving her diverse influences into her music, and honoring her authentic self every step of the way.

In 2023, Indra signed with Rexius Records, ready to share her music with the world.


April Fools

Release Date: March 22, 2024