A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk

Gothenburg is famous for being the epicenter of a crucial episode in the history of Death Metal. Most cities in the world don’t have the privilege of having their own signature musical style! It isn’t called “the Gothenburg sound” for nothing, and A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk has proven to…
October 3, 2017

Jonas Lundvall

To a decades-long lineage of folk singer/songwriters, lyrics are everything – try listening to a song by Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan without focusing on the words. Some other creators in the genre, like Jonas Lundvall, focus on crafting intricate narrative landscapes through sound, with lyrics adding to the overall…
July 19, 2017

Skull Parade

Skull Parade was formed by Magnus Högdahl and Magnus Lind in early 2009 after the disbandment of ”Street Stones” where both were members. Shortly after this, they regrouped to form a new band with drummer Bob Warneflo and Erik Anell, a former bandmate of Magnus Lind from the band ”Ichabod…
April 7, 2017

Beatrice Markus

It all started with a screaming child at a baptism in 1998 – with a joke about her future as an opera singer. A peculiar child who hung around with her teachers or just roamed around the schoolyard singing by herself. A shy girl who took refuge in the collective…
January 16, 2017

As They Arrive

The sound of As They Arrive (progressive metalcore, Sweden) evokes an idealist sense of longing for a simpler past. Their style might draw connections to Veil of Maya or Betraying the Martyrs, preserving their abstract lost paradise in the form of philosophical lyrics and dense polymetric layers. Beyond this combination…
August 25, 2016