Shalisa Taylor

With her mellow, silky voice and a songwriting style based on introspective impressions rather than linear stories, Swedish singer/songwriter Shalisa Taylor brings a fresh approach to the vocal-based musical lineage known from artists like Norah Jones and Adele. Born to a musical family, Taylor’s characteristic voice and stage presence were…
September 11, 2018


In what could be described as a “bubbly fizzy ball of energy”, Swedish singer/songwriter Sinnah writes playful and contagious pop without complicating things too much. Her sound exudes the kind of spontaneous confidence we've seen in artists like Tove Styrke, with a bit of the Scandinavian simplicity and genuine approach…
August 22, 2018

Sanna Martinez

Swedish artist and songwriter Sanna Martinez crafts powerful soul-influenced dance-pop anthems that evoke a soft edginess reminiscent of Halsey or Alessia Cara. While she also draws inspiration from Scandinavian pop figures like Zara Larsson, Sanna throws in a bit of spunky playfulness into the mix. Her blend of soul’s vocal…
August 15, 2018

Ernest Noah

Swedish artist Ernest Noah embodies the very real distinction between a mere singer and a full-on performer. Having a good voice is one thing, but being able to actually treat listeners to a liberating experience as you perform on stage is another. Bringing retro back while maintaining a sophisticated pop…
June 12, 2018

King of Little Sweden

In the snowy wonderland of Verbier, Switzerland, a very artistic family and their friends started recording music together as King of Little Sweden in the spring of 2014. The Scandipop collective evokes an intersection between the cozy vocals of ELIO and electronic influences from Swedish acts like Romano. The project…
May 18, 2018

An Echoic

An Echoic's music is one of those rare gems that encourage you to push beyond your usual listening habits, subtly taking notice of its quirky quality. What started as a solo experiment in 2016 after dropping out of jazz school became a solid artistic project for Martin Kihlstedt, Swedish singer-songwriter…
May 14, 2018


Imagine a mixture between Baloo the Bear and Aladdin’s Genie: A good and funny guy, but by no means a doormat. “The dream of a mother in law”, as Jacob himself would say. As a Christian boy growing up in a small Swedish town in the region of Värmland, he…
January 5, 2018

Kevin Kenell

Self-improvement. Empowerment. Success. Confidence. All with a halo of magical transformation and unicorn shit. But beyond the cheap mainstream positivity, there’s always an implicit downside to that desire of upgrading yourself. Not least in a genre like hip hop, where patiently adding layers of experience and diligent effort can be…
December 15, 2017

Matt Fella

Like a good son of the Swedish musical culture, producer/DJ Matt Fella has been into music since he was a child: He took part in a traditional musical training that is not always granted within the EDM community. His sound reminds you of great festival acts like Alan Walker and…
November 8, 2017

Land of Trees

In a country like Sweden, where more than half the territory is covered by forests, it’s hard not to come into contact with nature at some point. Such an inviting environment spontaneously gives birth to wanderers, explorers of Earth who embrace a sort of nomadic lifestyle that fosters artistic inspiration.…
November 2, 2017